Importance of Rest Days in a Workout Plan

People often assume that if you want to build muscle and see real gains, you should be at the gym every single day. They assume that if you are lifting daily and not taking any breaks, you are pushing your muscles to the point of getting bigger and stronger.

The truth is that your body does not work in this way. In fact, if you are lifting every day, you are probably not seeing many gains at all. Let us explain why.

squat technique

Why Do Rest Days Matter?

Rest days are a chance for your body to recover. These are the days when your muscles take in the fuel that you are eating and grow. If you are not giving your muscles rest days, they are not going to grow as much. That is why it is recommended that you work different parts of your body on different days – and have at least one or two complete rest days.

Splitting Upper and Lower Body Workouts

A great way to give your body more rest is by splitting your days for upper and lower body workouts. You can focus on lower body exercises like squats and lunges, while you can work on your chest and arms on another day. When you are working on your lower body, ensure that you are using the right technique.

Learning the proper lunge and squat technique will save you in the long term, as it will ensure you are minimizing the strain on your joints while performing these exercises. It is a good idea to look at squatting mats and similar accessories if you want to go even easier on your body!

Work Smart

When you want to build muscle mass quickly, it is about working smart. You must split up the parts of your body you work on during the week. You must get enough rest. And you must ensure you are maintaining a healthy diet that meshes with your workout routine.

Author: Presley