Ice Fishing in Alaska

I love travelling all across the country, and, of course, one of the first things that I look for when I get to a new vacation spot is the best place to fish.  Because I had never been ice fishing before, I was extremely excited about finding a great fishing whole when I took my trip to Alaska.  Of course, I did not know anyone in Alaska, so finding a great seward alaska fishing spot was going to be a bit of a project for me.  I decided that I would research the different spots for fishing prior to actually taking my trip, that way I did not end up wasting my time in Alaska simply trying to find a good hole to fish in.  Thankfully, I was able to find a whole bunch of information on the internet, and that was something that made my entire trip a whole lot easier.

seward alaska fishing

I actually found a company that specializes in setting up fishing trips in Alaska, and they were even able to make reservations for some of the best ice fishing spots out there.  I went ahead and looked at the different spots that they had open while I was going to be there, and then I reserved one so that I knew exactly where I was going from the moment that I stepped off the plane.  This was probably the easiest planning of a fishing trip that I have ever had to do, and it really did make the entire trip go a whole lot more smoothly. 

I love my trip, and I even caught a couple big fish from the hole I reserved.  Having never been ice fishing before, this was definitely an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life.

Author: Presley